The pearl of Istria Rovinj is a must for every visitor. The varied history strongly influenced the cityscape of Rovinj. The on a outstanding hill in the sea built old town full of nooks and crannies and with its romanesque gothic cityscape lures with its galleries and shops many visitors. The restaurants are under the best of Istria and it can also be proud of its night life.

A UNESCO World Heritage can be gazed at in wonder in Porec. The Eufrasiana Basilika is one of the most valuable cultural monuments. The from this time obtained mosaics are unique in the world. Further you encounter the eventful history at every turn dive deep into the small alleys and let yourself drift.

In Pula, the living capital of Istria, the Romans left the surely most impressive buidings, like for example the big amphitheater. After that came the Francs and the Venetians, the KuK monarchy and at long last Pula was a part of the Yugoslav Republic. Today Pula is the living capital of Istria with many events, concerts of designated artists, bars, restaurants and shops.

An old Croatian folk wisdom says: "When you dive your finger in the sea, you are connected with the whole world." This folk wisdom still lives in the heads of the locals. No place in Istria is more than 35 km away from the sea, and some cities push themselves far into the sea.

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